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We are empowering kids to think beyond the constraints of “the box,” encouraging them to become future leaders and innovators. Our classes and camps engage, while inspiring kids to think creatively and independently. Every kid should envision his or her future in STEM careers. Our goal is to inspire creativity that carries outside of the workshop, into everyday lives of each “Kid Coder.” Kids Can Code motivates kids to pursue their own path in creating and innovating.

kids can code for students


We offer camps that focus on different technology practices. Focuses include: coding robots & drones, coding/ building apps and websites, exploring new technology practices, building computers, 3D printing, and participating & hosting robotics competitions. We also travel to schools and provide after school camps and programs to help promote coding concepts and give the students sampling of what we do.


We offer workshops for parents that teach technology practices so that they can help their students get the most from their technology tools. We also educate parents on what to look out for to help protect their students from the dangers of technology. We empower parents to confidently use technology with their children, ensuring they always get the most of out all technology experiences. 

kids can code for Parents

kids can code for educators


Kids Can Code  offers workshops that provide tools to fellow teachers to use technology in a meaningful way in their classrooms. We offer different service options such as a one day workshops, two day workshops, workshops with consultation services, or workshops with consultation services and in class demonstrations. Our goal is to empower all stakeholders in “Kid Coders'” lives. 

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